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FinKo Edu_Shania_Recommendation

Yrjö Engeström



University of Helsinki

Center for Research on Activity, Dev. & Learning (CRADLE)

Shania Shin is an outstanding student in the international Master’s Degree Program for Adult Education which I lead at University of Helsinki. She has consistently performed extremely well in the courses and I have seldom met a student who could match the intellectual quality, enthusiasm and focus of Shania. The results of Shania’s Master thesis is of great practical and also theoretical importance.

Laura Lindeman


Chief Specialist

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (Finland)

I had a pleasure to work with Shania for a couple of years in mutual projects aiming for international talent attraction and retention. Shania developed the EntryPoint mentoring programme and managed to create one of the most successful tools in bringing international students and companies & other organisations together in Finland. Shania is a hard working professional who always commits to her tasks with passion. I am happy to recommend her for tasks requiring systematic thinking, project development skills and managing vast networks

Katri-Sofia Rühlmann

Head of Corporate Functions, Business Applications


Shania’s extremely excellent project management and coordination skills impressed me during the Entrypoint mentoring program. Shania is able to engage all people on different levels and secure common interest and shared passion to execute and achieve great outcome Shania is able to light up the whole room with her positive can do attitude and kindness. She brought sunlight into the dark winter in Finland. I can highly recommend her for extensive cross-cultural projects and other similar kind of engagements.

Johnny Van Hove


Scientific Advisor

Network IQ (Integration through Qualification)

ebb Entwicklungsgesellschaft für berufliche Bildung mbH

Shania was one of the speakers at the international Metropolis conference in The Hague. Given her charisma and outstanding flair and skills as a presenter, as well as her in-depth knowledge of both the the broader local and global challenges for the target group in question (i.e. the labor market integration of international students), she truly constituted one of the highlights of the symposium. Given her expertise and convincing, thoughtful communication, IQ decided to develop an international good practice sheet about Entry Point. 

Milton Aldrete


Global Business Development 


Shania is an inspiring lecturer who possesses a natural aptitude for presenting complex subjects in an insightful and pragmatic way. Her lectures on business negotiation and international market entry have been of great value to the learning of my students as she uses creative ways to turn the cultural aspects into strategic assets. All in all I have always received significantly positive feedback from my students. 
Anna Uh.jpg

Anna Storgårds


Career counsellor

University of Helsinki

I have come to know Shania as she led the Entrypoint mentoring programme in which I have participated twice as a mentor. Shania has made such a positive impression on me by her excellent intercultural communication skills and strong dedication to making Entrypoint a very successful programme. Shania has a very respectful and emphatic style which makes working together a pleasure. Her excellent social skills combined with her profound professional expertise makes her a great colleague and team member. I wish her all the best for the future, she has my sincerest recommendation.
Anna Von.jpg

Anna von Weissenberg


Coaching | Communication | HR

YLE (Finland's national broadcasting company)

Shania’s brilliant project and event management skills, organizational wizardry, vast knowledge of different business areas and exceptional people skills have made an enormous impression on me. I have had the privilege to witness all of this twice in the extensive EntryPoint cross-cultural mentoring programme, which Shania has been in charge of. Her approach is always respectful, kind and happy. She has the gift of making everyone she meets feel special. I believe the mentoring programme’s success is largely due to Shania’s versatile competence and her networks, and I also believe Shania would be an asset in any organisation looking for a person with exceptionally good people and organizational skills.
FinKo Edu_Shania_Recommendation

Mika Valtasaari



NewCo Helsinki (Yritys Helsinki)

Shania is actively and systematically creating a company in order to help Finnish companies increase their sales in Asia. The company's operations will also be helpful in supporting Finnish companies in entering the Asian Market, and contribute to the increase of the Finnish labour demands. 
FinKo Edu_Shania_Recommendation

Irja Leppisaari


Principal lecturer 

Centria University of Applied Sciences

Shania is a personable individual that gets on well with both Finnish and international people around her. I also know her as very purpose-driven and positive can-do attitude person. She has strong passion for learning about Finnish business culture and being integrated into Finnish society. I think Shania’s working experiences and studies can add value to Finnish firm’s growth in the global market. 
FinKo Edu_Shania_Recommendation

Mari Korpiola


Project Manager 

Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce

I had a pleasure of getting to know and work with Shania, as she participated to the HERA mentoring program of which she also did her thesis to finalize her studies at the University of Helsinki. Shania is highly motivated and determined person, whom I can warmly recommend. She is active and hard working, with great social skills and the result of her work has been excellent. She has also been eager and active to learn Finnish.
FinKo Edu_Shania_Recommendation

Anu Kajamaa


PhD, Learning & organizational change 

University of Helsinki

Shania Shin is hardworking, ambitious and talented person. I took part to the supervision of her Master's thesis which she carried out in an outstanding manner. In her work, she is always very punctual and her presentation and analytical skills are excellent. She has enthusiastically integrated to the Finnish society by taking Finnish language courses. She highly appreciates Finnish values and is a person well suited to the promotion of the internationalization of Finnish companies. Her comprehensive understanding of global business makes her a wanted consultant whose services will greatly benefit Finnish companies.
FinKo Edu_Shania_Recommendation

Susanna Lahtinen


Education Manager

Avaintulos Oy

Shania Shin has started in December 2014 to operate as a part of our network in South Korea as an expert. Her job is to lecture degree programs in South Korean business and our customers' needs, and we also consult her to South Korea-related operations. I am convinced that Shania has the skills and the desire to promote Finnish companies' success in the Asian operations.
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